We update the daily transactions of the company in to the accounting software and generate monthly/periodic reports for the management for decision making. Our representative will be visiting your office on a weekly basis or as agreed and update transactions. This will cover entry of all purchases, sales, receipts, payments and other business transactions including recognition of transactions on accrual basis. The system generated Management Information System (MIS) reports will be generated and discussed then and there with the management. Monthly reports will be prepared and issued to the management at the end of every month. Such reports include:


  • Balance sheet (statement of financial position),
  • Profit and loss account (statement of comprehensive income),
  • Cash flow statements,
  • Receivables ageing list,
  • Payables ageing list,
  • Comparative report on sales performance,
  • Comparative report on expenses, etc.
  • Variance / ratio analysis
  • On quarterly basis, we issue additional report including the ratio analysis, breakeven point/margin of safety analysis etc.