Audit & Assurance

Auditing is an intricate and multifarious process. The importance of auditors as a key link in the financial reporting chain has always been important and in present globalised business scenario, it has become more crucial. At KAM Auditing we understand the importance of advances in auditing techniques and through continuous training and learning for our team; we strive to provide the best of our services.

Statutory Audit

Our auditors perform statutory audit for private and listed companies and educational institutions. The outcome of statutory audit includes; fair opinion assurance complete assessment of accounts, compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as adherence to accounting standards like IFRS & GAAP.

Non-statutory Audit

Our auditors perform non-statutory audits for reviewing and verifying an organization’s reports on financial matters. Our audit lends credibility to client’s financial reporting and it is well received by banks and financial institutions that rely on independent auditor’s assessment. Our audit reports also help’s management to be assured about their financial reporting process.