We are Kam Auditing

KAM Auditing is a growing professional firm based in Dubai. Blossomed and nurtured in the emerging business capital of the world. It flourished among the business sector from small and medium sized companies to business conglomerate. The timely service complemented by the quality oriented attitude and customer centric approach together equates the firm as one of the proficient Accounting Firms in Dubai.

Auditors in Dubai – Among the top listed financial auditors in Dubai, UAE, KAM Auditing has gained immense respect and popularity as top Auditors in Dubai with their rich service culture embarked in the area of auditing, business accounting, management consultancy and other related services. It was incorporated as an accounting firm with a strong vision of enhancing the business health and personal wealth of its clientele spread across the globe.

What do we do?

Our Mission

We believe in serving our clients with energy, enthusiasm and vision. Our main aim is to support the client with our professional services and to build long term relationship. As a team, we are focused towards professionalism and excellence in financial reporting of an organization.

We continue our march towards excellence in helping companies to improve their financial reporting as per International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and other legal and regulatory requirements of local sector. Our services

With over 15 Years of experience, Khalid Almulla has been  in auditing field since college graduation, holding a bachelors degree from Higher Colleges of Technology. He is an approved public Accountant in UAE duly certified by the UAE Ministry of Economy under No. 800 of the federal Register of approved public Accountant. Throughout his career, Khalid Almulla established internal audit departments for few of the new government organization besides his main responsibility as Head of Internal Audit. Khalid has audited in Organizations with different activities including airlines, banking, retail outlets, retail supermarkets and construction such as HSBC, UAB, Emirates Airlines, Dubai Municipality, Aswaaq L.L.C and Department of finance. Moreover, trusted by his leaders, he was assigned to lead a government tenders committee and supervised construction tenders of five government retail outlets. Now he is also providing services to Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services as Internal Audit Manager. He has so many year of professional expertise in varios disciplines especiallt in Auditing, International Finance Accounting, Management and Business practices, Management Consultancy and other International exposures.

Khalid Husain Al Mulla
Establishment Owner

Mr. Upendra started his professional career in 1991 from Institute of Chartered Accountants India (ICAI) and completed his professional training by getting three years of wide experience of accounting, auditing and taxation.

He has gained outstanding expansion in his career with more than 30 year experience in United Arab Emirates as well India as an Audit Manager in a Chartered Accountants firm and has several years experience in various Organisation.

He has deeply Knowledge & experience of the local industry, rules & regulations and other bounding knowledge abroad, especially in Accounting, Auditing, International business practices, Foregin Exchange, International Taxation, and International Reporting etc.

He has added a grear outstanding business growth to his organisation and upliftment of International expertise since his assocation with the firm.

Upendra Kumar Chaturvedi
Managing Director